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Negative Space in Logo Design

Negative space is one of the most powerful tools a graphic designer has at his/her command.

Woocommerce, Magento or Shopify – which ecommerce platform should I choose?

When launching a new business selling online, there are a number of options available for ecommerce.

NHS Healthy Smiles

As part of the NHS Lincolnshire website, we have just completed illustrations for the section ‘Healthy Smiles’.

District Heating Scotland

We recently completed a web database project for Resource Efficient Scotland, the Scottish Government programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland. District heating is an energy efficient means of heating a community and can help tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions … Continued

Magna Carta 800th Anniversary

Like everyone else in Lincoln, Distraction is celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. Held at Lincoln castle, the Magna Carta is an historical document that affects our society to this day. Known as one of the first charters to … Continued

Mr Bartle
Four Artists and a Saint

The Contemporary Collective Spring 2015 show, running from the 2nd – 8th of March at The Gallery at St Martins, Lincoln, LN1 1ET (opposite Bojangles just off the top of the high street) is a rare chance to see the work … Continued