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I read a very interesting article last night in FX Magazine about the Living Factory workshop organised by Carole Collet (Central St. Martins) and Brona McVittie (Medical Research Council’s Clinical Sciences).
The project, now in its 5th year, saw the meeting of creative and scientific minds to brainstorm ideas and create a thriving ideas-led approach to scientific research and experimentation.
Some ideas to come out of the discussions include “‘bespoke care’ self monitoring, personalised healthcare technology that sits below the skin and gathers data on your body’s performance to alert you to areas of concern.”
Other recent exhibitions related to this design-led science include Roca’s “Designs by Mother Nature” and The Architecture Foundation’s look at the work of Michael Pawlyn who has designed systems to bring greenery and insect life to the Qatari desert.
The two disciplines of design and science, both on a practical and conceptual level often find themselves intertwined: The production of papers and inks used by designers need to be understood on a chemical level and equipment for scientific research must be designed.
I find it interesting how seemingly completely separate disciplines are often much more closely linked than we may presume and work like this reminds me that I must always be open to ideas from all sources.
You can see more information about the above projects by following these links: