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Traditionally Smoked

Fish Merchants Association
Event & Exhibition // Web & Digital Development

Traditionally Smoked is a project which aims to raise awareness of the great tastes and amazing benefits of traditionally smoked fish.

Project Scope:

Branding & Strategy
Visual Identity
Marketing Tools
Web Design
Web Development
Strategy & Planning
Social Media
Exhibition Design and Promotion



The Brief

Despite traditional fish smoking being one of the oldest processes of food production in Britain it is a method that is little understood or recognised.

‘Traditionally Smoked’ was a project in collaboration with many partners including the Grimsby Fish Merchants Association and was funded by the Seafish Authority and the European Fisheries Fund which wanted the benefits of smoked fish to be promoted and the word spread via exhibitions, website and promotional collateral.

Not only was it important to develop an awareness of the process itself, but the partners were keen to push the heritage of smoking and their values, to educate about the difference between modern and traditional smoking and to touch upon environmental impacts also.

The Idea

The Traditionally Smoked ident was developed to incorporate a fish within the body of the icon. The approach is retro and incorporates the traditional red, white and blue of the union flag to denote the International recognition of both Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish and Arbroath Smokies being awarded Protected Geographical Indications by the European Union to safeguard the integrity and quality of their production methods against imitation.