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Lincoln Drill Hall
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“We believe Lincoln Drill Hall is the place to go to see events and have experiences that you just can’t find elsewhere – we offer special moments by the bucketful. 
Our job is to ensure that you have a good time when you’re with us and to encourage you to come back and try something else. We believe that the arts can make people’s lives better and we want to do just that!” (Lincoln Drill Hall’s Mission Statement)

Project Scope:

Branding & Identity
Web & Digital Development
Print & Editorial
Graphic Design & Art Direction



The Brief

Lincoln Drill Hall have a real passion for the arts and for driving people to the arts as often as possible!
 They offer free events and activities whenever they can – so people can try things without worrying about how much it costs.
 There is a hugely diverse programme to appeal to varying tastes.

The Idea

The brand was based on the origination of the Lincoln Drill Hall which was a military and police training hall – the roundel reflective of other military logos but utilised colours that were dominant at the Lincoln Drill Hall.

All print collateral that followed needed to reflect the mission statement which identifies experiences, special moments, good time, enrichment. By utilising the roundel within the offer, all print/signage has synergy and pulls together the ethos of Lincoln Drill Hall.

Graphic Design Lincoln Drill Hall

Theatre Marketing Materials designed by Distraction

Lincoln Drill Hall website design by Lincoln Web Design Agency Distraction