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Invest Ashfield and Mansfield is the go-to organisation for business help within this part of the East Midlands. They have in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing and logistics industries within the area, and provide advice and support to businesses on doing business in the area.

Project Scope:

Web Design & Digital Development
Responsive Design
Digital Marketing


The Brief

Invest Ashfield and Mansfield needed to revamp their website, as it had become dated and didn’t make the most of modern technology. They sought a fresh, clean, modern website that was easy to navigate, a joy to browse on mobile devices, and clearly colour-coded to make it as user friendly as possible.

The Idea

Adapting the existing brand colours, a background graphic was initially designed, making use of strong shapes and angles for a modern look. This graphic was then reinterpreted across other elements of the site, ensuring the message was consistent throughout.

Bold colours identify each section, using the main green of the logo as the base colour, with complementary colours for the menu and “call to action” buttons. The new website is much brighter and fresher, with large areas of photography used to show off the best of the region to interested businesses.

Behind the scenes, the website has a number of clever features that help the client keep track of how their digital marketing is working. Heat maps, built into the website’s CMS (Content Management System) show at a glance the busiest times on the website. Goals have been set up which go beyond just tracking pageviews and visitors to the website. For example, the team can see when visitors sign up to the newsletter, perform a property search, make contact, or even share website content on their own social media, and track where those visitor activities are coming from. This data is useful because it allows the client to plan and review their marketing efforts accordingly, and understand what kind of impact it’s having.

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