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Lincolnshire Co-operative
Branding & Identity // Packaging & POS

A rebrand, website and marketing communications refresh for Lincolnshire Co-operative-owned craft bakery, Gadsby’s.

Project Scope:

Branding & Strategy
Concept Development
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Web Design
Web Development



The Brief

Gadsby’s bakery was originally born out of the coke red oven behind a traditional bakers shop in the town centre of Southwell over 50 years ago. In recent times their commitment to the craft has inspired constant and substantial investment into the research & development of their product range, whilst also developing a 6000 sq ft extension to vastly improve efficiency and support their drive to grow the wholesale side of the business.

We were briefed to refresh and revitalise the Gadsby’s visual identity and brand language, bringing it into line with the investment they had put into both product quality and infrastructure.

The Idea

We set out initially to understand the people behind the Gadsby’s story so far, centering on their history, and the hand crafted techniques that had served them so well to this day. The position that they are very much about baking as a craft, and that they still hand finish products and use trusted techniques informed the line ‘The Craft Bakers’ and also inspired the brand stamp of ‘Traditionally made with pride, passion, fingers & thumbs’.

Being sensitive to their current customer base, we seeked to lift the brand with a contemporary and refined logomark which had a classical feel, loyal to the position of Gadsby’s as ‘The Craft Bakers’ whilst retaining a similar colour palette to keep the brand recognised in store and on shelf amongst their existing, loyal customer base.