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Ask the Warden Brochure

Belton House
Print & Editorial

We are grateful for the relationship we have with Belton House, always receiving more great projects to get creative with! Built for Sir John Brownlow in the 1680s, Belton House has all the design features of a classic English country home. Sitting in formal Italian and Dutch gardens and an historic 1300 acre deer park, Belton is often cited as the quintessential country house estate.

Project Scope:

Print & Editorial Design


The Brief

Belton needed a booklet creating to explain the top questions that are asked of the Head Warden, and how they keep the park. His answers are the body of information here, and they must be put across in a way that suits all ages.

The Idea

To make the booklet friendly to everyone, lots of images, fun icons and easy-to-understand text was used. Belton’s style and professional stamp came through a simple layout, and images that had been taken around the park. Work from Belton House is always great fun and interesting to do, another includes a leaflet called ‘Who lived in a house like this?’ Which explains the House’s previous occupants, and what they did to help preserve it’s grandeur.

Front of Brochure

Inside the Brochure

Another Belton House Leaflet Design