Guitar Parlour – Play It Like You Mean It!

Guitar Parlour Banner

Distraction has been working with Gaz Thomas at Guitar Parlour to compose an inspiring and thrilling brand that strikes up passion in the guitar playing community

Gaz wanted to create a guitar shop for guitarists, and he loved vintage New York style boutique guitar shops. We took inspiration from this to create a unique and exciting brand that stood out, appealed and most importantly excited guitar players and enthusiasts alike.

Working closely with Gaz at Guitar Parlour we came up with a range of ideas, honing and perfecting them to create a perfect blend between a highly professional, personal and homemade style brand which suited the vintage guitar store ethos he was searching for. Exploring dozens of logos and typography examples from the past led to a brilliantly hand drawn logo incorporating ‘G’ and ‘P’ in a classic guitar logo style with a mix of more edgy guitar shapes.

Eye catching, inspiring and striking images and messages such as “Play it like you mean it!” were used to communicate and empower the target audience with the brand essence. This head banging poster appeals directly to the audiences love for guitars and rocking out, helping to communicate the intense passion Guitar Parlour shares with their customers.

We really wanted to drive home the feel and spirit of playing the guitar and put huge emphasis on the brand and store being all about the music and the customers.

Guitar Parlour Poster

Again, to really amplify the brand essence we selected a tag line with multiple meanings for customers to interpret and explore. “Tune into the Original” speaks directly to the audience, it references many things but mostly it sparks inspiration, excitement and passion to make new music their way, and Guitar Parlour are right there equipping you with the best tools possible for that new and special sound.

Gaz has taken the brand and really made it his own to create the exciting new and unique Guitar Parlour, and together we have produced branded T-shirts, shop signs, hang tags, receipt wallets and even plectrums to push the brand out there further and help reflect Guitar Parlours brand onto its products. Guitar Parlour is not just a brand, customers can live, feel, equip and breathe the brand, and Gaz will be sure to make that experience is as exhilarating and breathtaking as possible and unleash the full potential of this new rip-roaring brand.

guitar parlour product tag

Overall we have created a unique brand that Gaz is really happy with and has an excellent focus on the customer – a guitar shop for guitarists. Guitar Parlour is the place to be if you’re passionate about guitars and music.

Gaz said: “Working with you was hassle free, and you made it the easiest part of the whole project”

Another successful project with a complete branding pakage to transform an independent guitar shop into a unique and exciting brand that customers can really connect with.

Why not go rock-out with Gaz at Guitar Parlour on Sincil Street? We’re all wishing him a great success in the growth of his business venture, and judging by the popularity of his store opening we think he’s going to go a long way.