District Heating Scotland



Web Design

We recently completed a web database project for Resource Efficient Scotland, the Scottish Government programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland.

District heating is an energy efficient means of heating a community and can help tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions by replacing expensive electrical or oil heating systems with renewable heat source such as rivers, technologies such as heat pumps and making use of waste heat from factories and electricity-generating stations.

The new website is built in a powerful industry-standard CMS (Content Management System) used by many public sector organisations.

One of the main features of the website is an interactive map, based on a database of hundreds of district heating sites in Scotland, which allows stakeholders to identify projects of interest and see which stages they’re at. The team can add future projects to the map, and they are automatically geolocated to the right location, based on a given postcode.

In common with all our websites, the site is built using responsive web design which means it adapts automatically to suit mobile devices – making it easy to view when out and about.

District heating currently supplies less than 2% of the total heat in the UK but the Scottish Government has ambitious targets to increase this to 11%. To find out more, please visit www.districtheatingscotland.com